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Our real differentiator is the qualification of our people, intellectual property and professional approach to solving complex software problems.

Our ideology is focused around the delivery of true value to our clients, employees and the greater Tanzania community.

We are among Tanzania's top Tech company and the quality of our staff, our track record of delivery and blue-chip client base speaks for itself.

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What you do is more important than what you say

January 26, 2016
The following article is reposted with permission from the Wolff Olins blog. The original post from March 2013, together with comments, is available via a link at the bottom of this page. Brand is dead. Brand is alive. Brand is, as never before, design. Why do we say this? There’s now a

[Quick Tip] How to Conduct A Super Productive Meeting

January 22, 2016
I feel like there’s usually anxiety surrounding meetings. I hear a lot of, “I’m in so many that aren’t necessary,” or, “This meeting is probably going to go over.” While we can’t avoid every unnecessary meeting or snag in the road, here are a few

You Are What You E-A-T: Trustworthiness According to Google

January 22, 2016
Google recently released the guidelines they use for rating search responses. This is the first time they’ve ever done this, and those guidelines are a powerful tool for getting more out of your website. Now we get it. You’re good people, and your business can be trusted. But Google’s